Heating & cooling solutions with Heat Recovery Ventilation and Energy Recovery Systems.

Eko Vent Balanced HRV System

Heat Recovery Ventilation systems are also referred to as HRV systems or Energy Recovery Systems and they aim to ventilate your home without undue loss of heat in winter or heat-gain in summer.

They are also the best system for air-tight homes. Most ventilation systems in New Zealand are positive pressure systems where the fresh air displaces the stale moisture laden air through gaps around windows, doors, light fittings etc.


Benefits of Heat Recovery Ventilation

There are three main reasons why a balanced or Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system are of increasing relevance for New Zealand homes.

Ventilation for Airtight Homes

New home construction methods have less gaps which is a good thing as they’re thermally more efficient. Unfortunately, this means there is nowhere for damp, stale air to escape through either naturally or through a conventional positive-pressure ventilation system. The balanced approach to a Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system is that air is simultaneously removed mechanically from the home to balance the air coming in.


Energy Efficiency of Heat Recovery systems

In winter, we spend a high proportion of our power bills on staying warm through heat pumps and heaters. As a traditional ventilation system pushes the damp, warm air from the home and replaces it with fresh but cold air which then must be heated again.

The balanced nature of a heat recovery system means that the temperature of the air being removed from your home is used to temper the fresh air coming in – it reuses the energy you’ve already paid for to warm the incoming cool air.  While there are tempering heaters that can be fitted to a positive-pressure system to warm the incoming air – they are not as efficient as a energy recovery system.

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